We will refund your money if the item you have received is not as described or if you do not receive it within the established period. You will receive the refund within 15 days from when you make the claim. This guarantee does not affect your consumer rights according to the laws and regulations in force in your country.

Local Returns, Sellers who offer this service, specify it with a "Local Return" icon on the product description pages. You have up to 15 days to decide if you want to return the product. Shipping costs for returns The buyer bears the shipping costs to the specified local return address.

Local warranty The seller must comply with the relevant legal obligations (warranty, return, etc.) applicable according to your location as a buyer. For example, in most countries of the USA in general you will have a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 years and the right to return the item for 14 days (please note that in case of return the buyer must take care of return shipping costs).

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